There are some common mistakes when implementing a data replication solution that should be avoided. As I've helped companies use SymmetricDS effectively for database replication as part of their data integration strategy, I've seen the same mistakes and misunderstandings. In this article, I'll explain some of these pitfalls and give you some tips on what to do instead.

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Metl includes a prepackaged component library for everyday use but some users may require unique functionality. This can easily be achieved with custom components. In this article I will walk through the steps required to create your own custom Metl component

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SymmetricDS has supported syncing data to and from Android SQLite databases for some time now. But with the 3.8 series, we now also have support for pushing and pulling files from your Android devices. This could be useful to collect things like signature files captured on the device, log files, or to push files down to your devices as well. Maybe you have a company materials you want to make available offline for instance. Whatever your use case, SymmetricDS now supports bi-directional file sync on the Android platform.

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The SQL Explorer, used in both SymmetricDS Pro and Metl, has received a major update. Many exciting new features, including code completion, visual table editing, and database and trigger information tabs, have been included in the newest version of the SQL Explorer, in addition to several performance improvements.

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Data replication not only involves replicating changes moving forward but also the ability to load existing data between systems prior to replication being put in place.  Data loading was enhanced in SymmetricDS 3.8 to bring together all the features around this process into a new data load wizard.

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JumpMind is excited to announce the release of 3.8. This release was primarily focused on performance based changes. Through the process of profiling the code base and addressing a lot of the pain points in the community, we were able to address some key performance improvements.

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Are you looking for a simple, web-based integration platform that allows for several different styles of data integration including messaging, file based Extract/Transform/Load (ETL), and remote procedure invocation via Web Services that is easy to use and quick to setup?

In this blog I'm going to walk through the steps to install and run your first flow in Metl in a Windows environment.

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