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SymmetricDS Data Migration

Data migration using SymmetricDS Pro to easily move and transform data to support a new database platform, consolidate data, refresh technology, or simply upgrade systems with no downtime.

Setup your first node (The Master Node)

Setting up a "master" node for database replication is just like setting up any other node with the exception that the master node is responsible for registering new nodes onto the SymmetricDS data synchronization scenario.

Add A Replication Node

Add a new node (database for replication) to the SymmetricDS sync scenario. This could be a source or target or both. It will register with the master node and receive all the configuration and will immediately be ready for replication.

Load Data to Target Database

A wizard to walk users through the process of loading data between databases. The load will use the configuration in place for the nodes selected. This might be necessary if the source and target databases are not in sync before change capture being setup.